The Alan Bean Online Gallery is fully authorized by the artist. It is the most complete presentation of Alan Bean's art available. The gallery will be updated with images of his newest paintings as they are completed.

The paintings are grouped in Rooms, each of which contain one or more thumbnail images of paintings. A click on a thumbnail will bring up a page containing a Medium-sized image of the painting along with links (1) to a Story and other information about the painting and (2) to a Large-sized image of the painting shown by itself. On the page containing the Medium image, there is also a button to Return to the Room that contains the thumbnail image. Some paintings are shown in two Rooms and, in these
  cases, Return buttons are provided to each of those rooms. Back buttons at the bottom of the Story and Large Image pages provide a return to the Medium image and associated navigation buttons.

On a technical note, the Gallery is optimally viewed with a display size of 1152 by 864 pixels.

Please take your time walking through the Alan Bean Gallery, room by room, and enjoy each of paintings and the stories behind them. The paintings are an eyewitness report of a unique era in the history of mankind - the first visits to another world - created by the fourth man to walk on the Moon.

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