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I've had the good fortune to be part of one of the great adventures of all time - the first flights to the Moon. In 1969, I flew on the second landing mission with my good friends Pete Conrad and Dick Gordon and, while Dick stayed in orbit to look after the Command and Service Module that would take us all home, Pete and I landed on the Ocean of Storms. We spent more than 7 hours outside during our two moonwalks, deploying scientific experiments and collecting rocks and soil samples. Near the end of our second moonwalk, we visited the Surveyor III spacecraft that landed in a nearby crater 31 months earlier. While there, we cut off

  the Surveyor's TV camera, scoop, and several other parts and returned them to Earth for study.

Our time on the Moon ended much too quickly and, in the years since then, I have created paintings to try to capture the feeling of our Apollo 12 mission, as well as all the other the Apollo missions, too. It's my hope that these paintings will help other people share in the great adventure. The Gallery will make the sharing easier than ever before. Thanks for coming.

  Alan Bean
Houston, Texas
18 November 2004

1981 photo of Alan
in his Skylab training suit

Video Intro
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Recent photo of Alan
wearing his Skylab EVA gloves

Alan At Work I
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Alan At Work II
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